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The biggest mistake you can make as a building owner is to underestimate the impact of a broken roof. If you are aware of the critical role your roof plays in the preservation and longevity of your building, then you should know that even the tiniest of damage could lead to a major inconvenience in your home. Depending on how much water your broken roof allows to leak into your building, you may experience an array of water damage from rotten rafters to mould build-up under the decking.

The next big mistake is to underestimate the work required to fix your broken roof. Whether it’s as simple as a cracked shingle or as complex as poorly installed roof vents, never try fixing it yourself unless you are absolutely sure you can do it. Otherwise, you will only do more harm than good to your roof until eventually you have no option but to use professional roof repair services. So why would you risk spending more on DIY if you’ll end up getting expert roof repair anyway?


Unless you are a roof repair expert in Auckland yourself, hiring one like us when you experience roof problems is your best course of action. Of course there are a handful of roof problems that you can try to fix on your own for the sake of learning it, but most roof repair works are best left to The Roof Company. Here are some of them:

  • Moisture Damage

    - Your roof is supposed to keep the inside of your building dry. So if moisture appears on the underside of the roof itself, it’s clearly a bad news. This can be caused by a cracked or loose tile, failed sealant, or torn underlayment. If neglected, moisture can promote mould build up and turn your attic into a welcome relief for a host of pests.

  • Loose and Missing Shingles

    - You will normally encounter this roof problem after a storm as strong winds can easily loosen up shingles and blow off already loose ones. This could lead to huge leaks that can wreak havoc on the underside of your roof. Whether the water damage is just in its early stage or already severe, you need our team to do the roof leak repair.

  • Worn Down Flashing

    - The only way to seal the edge of the roof panel connecting the firewall or any element protruding through it is by installing flashing. If the flashing is heavily worn down, you’re looking at a major leak problem occurring very soon. Have the flashing replaced by roof repair experts from The Roof Company.


There’s a long list of other problems that you may encounter with your roof, some even necessitating emergency roof repair. The only way to deal with them before they get worse is to call in the right roofing company. Especially if The Roof Company was the one who installed your roof, it would be best to have them do all the fixing and upkeep because no one else can do the job better. Apart from roof installation services, we also do roof painting. Contact us through phone or by sending your queries through the online form found in our Contact page.

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