Roof Repainting

Unfortunately, your roof is not made to last forever. Its deterioration begins even before the installation is finished. While its primary function is to protect your home from the elements, your roof needs a protection of its own so it can perform its duty more efficiently. This, however, depends on what material your roof is made of, as some materials don’t require coating.

Most homes in Auckland have metal roofs, which is the number one type of roof that requires coating. When exposed to moisture, metal roofs start corroding. Even though most metal roofs are made of metals that are either naturally non-reactive to oxidation or has been galvanised with metals that are non-reactive to oxidation, nature will always find a way to degrade them. But with paint, these roofs might stand a chance.

Other Benefits of Roof Painting

We already know that paint serves as a shield against corrosion, but there are other benefits to having your roof painted by expert roof painters that you should know.

  • Aesthetics

    - Like your home’s exterior and interior walls, your roof will look better with paint, a good choice of colour to be exact. You can choose from a multitude of colours available in your local hardware store. You can even pick a colour that matches your building’s motif.

  • Energy Efficiency

    - Heat waves are commonplace in the most parts of the country. This is why Aucklanders should learn how to adapt to rising temperatures. One effective way is to hire one of the city’s best roof painting contractors, such as The Roof Company, to coat your roof with bright coloured paint. Bright colours are known to have a certain degree of heat reflectivity. White, the brightest, reflects the most heat back into space. This means painting your roof white will keep heat from being absorbed by your home and messing with your HVAC system.

  • Durability

    - Apart from preventing corrosion, paint also helps reduce your roof’s expansion and contraction rate, especially if it’s made of metal. When temperature rises, a metal roof tends to expand, while it contracts when temperature drops. This constant expansion and contraction affects the roof’s durability. This is why professional roof painting is indispensable.


Why Use Professional Roof Painting Services

Painting is fun. No question. But it’s not enough reason to settle with DIY roof painting. First, it’s a height work, which means it’s incredibly risky. And second, if you haven’t held a paint brush before, odds are you won’t do a great job, and that’s dangerous because you may not provide your roof with enough shield. Your best bet is to leave the job to experts in roof repainting.

Not only does The Roof Company have the necessary equipment to get the job done fast, but our vast experience with roof paints through many years of providing roof repaint services as well as roof inspection and maintenance makes us the best person for the job. Not very many roof companies in Christchurch offer roof repainting, let alone execute it well. Only The Roof Company is capable of performing an excellent roof painting job.

Apart from roof repainting, we also provide a wide range of professional roof repair services. Whether you need to realign a sagging gutter or a roofing consultation to determine the right upgrade to invest in, we’ve got your covered. The Roof Company is dedicated to providing the highest quality of roofing services to the residents and business owners of the Auckland area.

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