About Us: Why We Are One of the Top Roofing Contractors in Auckland

Constantly challenging ourselves to deliver more to our clients

When it comes to our roof, we don’t settle for anything less than the best, because we know the role it plays in keeping our building weatherproof. We know that even a small leak can cause so much damage not just on the roof decking but on the rest of the structure as water can wreak havoc in its path. Also, the roof is the first thing people see from a distance and it may very well tell a lot about what kind of building owner you are.

It’s for this simple yet significant reason that The Roof Company was built many years ago. We wanted every home and business owner in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington to have full confidence in
their commercial or residential roofing. That it won’t easily succumb to forces of nature and will remain exquisite-looking for a long time. Quickly after launching, we’ve established ourselves as the residential roofing experts and commercial roofing experts of choice for the constituents of these cities.

The Roof Company is your partner in ensuring that your home is well protected from the elements. Even though we’re lucky that Auckland’s climate is among the fairest in the country, we can’t let our guard down. Being surrounded by water tells us that the weather condition here can go haywire anytime so we might as well be ready at all times. Let our roofing experts install and take care of your roof so that it can serve you and your family for many years.


Keeping Homeowners Nice & Dry for Over a Decade!

As it’s now almost a decade since we’ve launched our roofing business, we think the timing is good for making a small overview of our accomplishments so far.

By now we’ve become the biggest rooftops installing, replacing and repairing provider in Auckland. This feat would have been simply impossible to achieve should we not have such a big and skilled team of pros employed with us. In everything we do, in each servicing session that we perform, our staff members are front and center of why we are so efficient!

Expert Services for your Home and Business

We provide exceptional roofing and full exterior services. From the roof to the gutters to siding, windows, and doors, we are your one-call solution for any exterior need.

  • Residential Services
  • Spouts and gutters
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Siding
  • Windows and Doors
  • Minor Roof Repairs
  • Re-Roofing
  • Consultation
  • Waterproofing
  • Skylight Installation

Why Choose Us?

There are many roofing companies out there that appear as reputable both in their website and on their brick-and-mortar establishment, so it raises the question “Why should you choose us?” Well, there are a few good reasons. First, our reputation as one of the leading roofing contractors and roof painting contractors in Auckland is already recognised from coast to coast. If you look across the cityscape, many of the roofs you will see are installed and maintained by us.

Second, we are hungry for learning. We don’t let any of our expert roofers depend solely on stock knowledge and previous experience. We make sure they are in the know about the latest roofing technologies and techniques available. As a result, we are always on top of things and our workmanship is in a class of its own.

Lastly, we only use first-rate materials. There’s no way we are skimping on quality to finish a project fast or to earn more. It’s our name as a roof repair specialist that we are putting on the line in each project so we make certain that we always leave a good impression. All our roof repair experts, roof replacement specialists, and expert roof painters are fully licensed and trained, too.

We Are always Glad to Receive Feedback from Our Clients

Valuable clients reviews

Thomas Hanks

Thank you again for coming to my rescue and getting the work done. The Quality is top notch and all done according to schedule of completion.

Thomas Hanks


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The Roof Company is one of the few commercial and residential roofing contractors that have a fully functioning customer service and reception hotline. Whether you need a roof repair expert to inspect your roof or our entire fleet to get your re roofing requirement done, one call is all you need to make. You may also visit our Contact page and fill out the form with your queries or requests.

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