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How comfortably and securely you feel when you are inside your house depends heavily on the state of your roof. Although Auckland’s climate is quite tranquil, a lot of downpours are to be expected all year round, mainly in winter when humidity reaches critical levels from time to time. Neglecting your roof, therefore, is out of the question.

The Roof Company is here to keep that exquisite roof of yours in tip-top shape. Whether you need a cracked shingle replaced or a wobbly gutter buckled up, we’ve got your covered. We have both the skill and the resources to bring your crumbling roofing system back into its pristine and unyielding self. You can hardly find roof companies that deliver the same level of customer service as ours.

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We Provide High-Quality Services to Our Clients

Our mission is to make every building in Auckland and the surrounding areas, including Christchurch and
Wellington, weatherproof by using only superior and damage-free materials. To achieve that, we
provide four types of roofing services, each of which targets an essential aspect of the roofing system.

Green Roof

Commercial and Residential Roofing

One indicator that a roofing company is an expert, and therefore worthy of your trust, is when they can efficiently handle both commercial and residential roofing systems. The Roof Company has been in that arena for many years, having our mark on many longstanding structures across the region. We are the expert roofing company everyone is chattering about. Whether you need new roof panels for your warehouse or simply want your roof decking reinforced, we should be your go-to commercial and residential roofing company.

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Roofing Services

Commercial/Residential RoofingRe-roofingRoof RepairsRoof Repainting

installing a roof tile


Do you find yourself always hurrying to get the buckets every time it rains? Then it’s probably time to get your roof fixed. Or if you are dealing with multiple leaks, roof replacement must be in order. Ring us up and we will send a team to your place to assess your roof’s condition. Then we will give you the most efficient recommendation on how to go about the reroofing services.

Roof repairs

Roof Repairs

Water dripping inside your house isn’t the only problem you have to worry about when your roof is broken. Water may wreak havoc in its path, so you may have to deal with mould growth, weakened roof struts, and other forms of water damage as well if you ignore the damage and keep writing off recommendations to get professional roof repair.

Roof painting

Roof Painting

Keep your metal roofing fully resistant against corrosion due to the weather by having it coated on a regular basis. Our roofing company offers expert roof repainting services in which we use products and equipment from the country’s leading brand to ensure superior output.

What Makes Our Company Different & Better?

With so many roofing contractors in the Auckland area, it can be hard to choose one that can meet your specific roofing needs, especially because most of their services are almost identical. At The Roof Company, we offer the same services, but we see to it that we excel in three areas—the materials we use, our workmanship, and the value of our output.

Quality Materials

Quality Materials

We treat every roof like how we treat our own roof. We make sure that each of our clients experiences the same level of comfort we experience in our own home. This is why we only partner with the most trusted suppliers, considering that the materials they supply us are from top manufacturers.

Expert Workmanship

Expert Workmanship

Each of our roofers is licensed and experienced. We don’t send out uninsured or underinsured workers, too. This is our way of guaranteeing customers like you that we will do an excellent job and that you won’t, by any chance, have liabilities in case of accident.

Outstanding Value

Outstanding value

Combining high-quality materials with superior workmanship only leads to one thing—world-class output. That’s what we are always aiming to achieve whenever we install, fix, or maintain a roof. True enough, most buildings we’d worked on had significantly increased in value. Remember that if you hire The Roof Company, you will be working with the best roofing company in Auckland, and that means you can expect not less than outstanding value in our job as well.

Keeping Homeowners Nice & Dry for Over a Decade!

As it’s now almost a decade since we’ve launched our expert roofing business, we think the timing is good for making a small overview of our accomplishments so far.

By now we’ve become the biggest rooftops installing, replacing and repairing provider in Auckland. This feat would have been simply impossible to achieve should we not have such a big and skilled team of pros employed with us. In everything we do, in each servicing session that we perform, our staff members are front and center of why we are so efficient!

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